Britta Goldmann
I have been training with ASCAB Capoeira for a while and always have a fun time with this group and feel challenged in the classes. We work on flexibility, strength, endurance, martial arts, language and music.
Movmement Arts of Chico
ASCAB Capoeira currently teaches kids and adult classes at 254 E. 1st Street, at Movement Arts of Chico. Their classes are dynamic, fun and engaging for all ages. ASCAB Capoeira classes include music, the Portuguese language, team work, martial arts theory and also train for strength, endurance and flexibility like no other movement class can offer.
Andre Williams
Iv had more fun in this class then i have had in a long while. the people are sweet and inviting. its a fun activity with lots of aspects to it. ill be headed back next week for another class!
Toby Yesterday
Just attended my first class and I enjoyed it. I like the casual atmosphere, flexibility of curriculum, and diversity of curriculum (movements, stretching, conditioning, and even singing!).
Anna Hansen
It was Awesome, great workout!!!