About ASCAB Capoeira Chico

ASCAB Capoeira Chico's team is made up of highly skilled Capoeira instructors who provide guidance, motivation, and support, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention and instruction. ASCAB Capoeira Chico has been in business for seven years in Chico. Capoeira is different than other martial arts because it involves components of music, dance, acrobatics, play, and fighting. The rich history of the art has a story unlike any other. Historical and philosophical lessons are weaved into our classes, teaching us a greater understanding of the world around us and of ourselves.

Our martial arts academy offers a comprehensive range of classes and training programs to suit your needs, and we are proud to serve the Chico area. ASCAB Capoeira Chico's teachers hold the titles of Contra Mestre and instructor. We aim to create long-term customer relationships and be the go-to experts for reliable and affordable martial arts classes. In ASCAB Capoeira Chico, the first class is free! For more information, call ASCAB Capoeira Chico today!